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some like myself collect vintage or antique pieces that run and keep reasonable time.

i know one fellow who collects great big stuff if it completely covers the wrist hes interested.

It really just depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay for your watch. I've also had the fortune to pick up watches that I consider "Priceless" due to rarity or just unusual, that I've picked up for pennies even compared to what they sold for "New".

Condition also is a huge factor as to how much someone will pay for your watch. Has it been kept in relatively new condition with the original box in a sock drawer for 50 years or was it beat up with everday use by a brick layer? If it's a family "hand me down" there's sentimental value, so................................................................... some collectors perfer certain brands, making a watch of their brand more valuable.

From picking up the van in Edinburgh where for some reason the excess increased by 200 pounds.

We returned the very next day to complain about the sheets, cooking utensils, towels and pots and pans. The main issue was after an accident (small) Motor Home Escapes would sell not give us any information regarding the quote to repair or the name of their insurance company.

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I'm sorry, we do not have a 4" downrod available for this fan. The dual mount feature gives you the option of mounting the fan with a downrod or low profile where the fan sits semi-flush against the ceiling.Plus, the built-in footboard drawers are great to have for storing extra clothing or seasonal wear.Plus, the built-in footboard drawers are great to have for storing extra clothing or seasonal wear. Nightstand L: 25.5" x W: 16" x H: 29"Weight: 55.5 lbs.Save Energy in the Summer & Winter: When Fan is Off, Flip Blade Direction Switch on Side of Switch Assembly (Location Varies by Model) to Change Seasonal Direction of Blades.Keep Cool Air Down in Summer With Counter Clockwise Air Flow during Winter, Operate Fan in Clockwise Direction to Keep Warm Air from Rising Allows for mounting on high ceiling with down rod or on low ceiling with no down rod.

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