Dating someone who has panic attacks

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An Anxiety Disorder can take a major toll on a couple.A study done by the Anxiety Disorders Association America in 2004 reveals in great detail how a couple’s relationship is affected. But when one half of a couple has an Anxiety Disorder, partners face a whole new set of challenges.And the issues associated with Anxiety Disorders may exacerbate many of the normal issues that couples face.No matter who I’m with or where I am, it’ll just happen—even if it’s just me and my date in a quiet, intimate setting.I’ve learned to cover up my panic and sometimes it makes me look like I’m mean, but it’s not who I really am, I swear! With panic attacks, I never know when it’s going to happen.One day mental health will be taken more seriously,' said another.I’ve had anxiety for most of my life but in recent years I’ve developed a more full-blown panic disorder.

Even then, if you have met someone with anxiety disorder who you would like to know better, here are a few tips to help you along.

Although it only studied people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), it likely holds true for people with other Anxiety Disorders.

The study found that a couple’s relationship suffered the most compared to other personal relationships, such as friends and family.

It is important that you understand that you need to take care of yourself.

Immersing yourself in your partner’s Anxiety Disorder can be debilitating, and you are not being selfish to want to have a break.

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