Dating with no car

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Well my friends tell me I will never find a woman or get a date because women don't want to be chauffeurs.It is hard to justify spending over ,000 for a car and insurance just for a date.

If he's getting around just fine without a car, he's not a loser, he's smart! It all depends on what your willing to put up with.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Some women think if the man is sweet and caring enough she would still give him a shot but most don't seem to go for it. I'm sure there are guys on here that can't drive or are afraid to for whatever reason I thought this would be an interesting topic. If he lived in my town, I'd help him find a professional driving teacher, and I'd date him. I went through hell with four teenage drivers when they were practicing to get their dirver's licenses. I have no problem dating someone who doesn't have a car or a license. I mean I don't make it a prereq for my friends to have one so why would I limit my heart? or do they not have a job at all and live with mom. It isn't a metter of what kind of car he owns or anything else like that, just being able to pick up and go!I know a few people who are ahving a hard time finding gals because of it. A relationship long distance would be hard but locally I think it could work. There are certain circumstances (very few) that I would date someone without a car or license. ( have dated men who didn't have a car/license....wouldn't do it again.....Ladies, would you not date a guy who didn't have a car or drove?Just curious whether my chances will be slim to none of ever going on a date cause of this. Hey you may get a good date and find a significant other to drive around the rest of your life if you slurge on the car and insurance. My car is dead and in the shop, no women gives me the time of day -- well 2 did so far, but I'm a nice enough guy where until I do get it back on the road, I am not rushing to meet anyone as most of them live a distance where they would have to head this way to meet.

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