Monamore dating

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Hilltara Lanthority Echo 2 was crowned the Diageo Baileys Cow Champion at the 2017 Virginia Show.

Along with the excavations of settlements such as Skara Brae, Links of Noltland, Barnhouse, Rinyo and Balfarg and the complex site at Ness of Brodgar these cairns provide important clues to the character of civilization in Scotland in the Neolithic.

There are grooming products for cows but John Dowling said he preferred to use the ones aimed at ladies.

Arran is called “Scotland in miniature” because of the beauty and variety of its scenery.

During the early Neolithic (4000-3300 BC) architectural forms are highly regionalised with timber and earth monuments predominating in the east and stone-chambered cairns in the west.

During the later Neolithic (3300-2500 BC) massive circular enclosures and the use of grooved ware and Unstan ware pottery emerge.

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