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“I think because love is love and romance writers, we pride ourselves on writing stories that resonate with our readers,” Jenkins says.“And if you look at the changing demographics of the United States, there are a whole lot of mixed marriages out there.”The latest Census figures bear her out.“As I was developing this character,” she says, “I was picturing him. Before I was really aware of it, I had him as Latino.” Lucas Campbell was born, and the pairing was combustible:“So you’re here,” she said, “and I’m here, and obviously we’ll run into each other now and again.”“Yes.”“You look good, Spaniard,” she said. His face didn’t move; it was like a magic trick or something, the way he could smile like that. Lucas never said too much, but his eyes did.”Higgins’ casting is right in line with the zeitgeist.Devotees of romance fiction, predominantly female, are demanding that their favorite category be ethnically as diverse as the real world.One time I memorized a whole Hebrew pop song just to impress this Israeli guy," he said to me with eyes the size of my grandma's matzoh balls.He started singing and I envisioned my Hebrew school teacher Mr. I asked him what he likes about Jewish guys and the answer, of course, didn't surprise me: "Oh, it's their beards for sure.

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I'm one of those young chosen people who qualify as "Jew-ish" at best."Oh, I have a huge thing for Jewish guys.I found one of the comments on her article to be quite telling.The commenter opined that in the case of interracial romance the relationship more often than not overshadows the story.The articles author raised the question of why romance novels featuring interracial couples are all but impossible to get published.Now, I am a huge fan of Romance Fiction(and have been for a very long time), and I have often wondered the same thing.

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