Podcasts not updating on apple tv

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We recommend installing another podcasting app before following the steps below.If you wish to use the Apple Podcasts app, you will need to manually copy-and-paste your podcast feed URL into the Podcasts app.Podcasts are the internet’s version of episodic radio or television.The challenge is no longer finding a great podcast, rather it is automating the subscription process on the device you intend to listen to the podcast.Then locate the navigation bar along the top of the i Tunes Store homepage on the right, and select the Podcasts tab. Subscribing to podcasts is a way to have your Mac automatically check for new episodes and download them to your Mac when they become available.

While Apple is reportedly planning to bring its official Podcasts app back to the new streaming device at some point, Podcasts by my Tuner has just hit the tv OS App Store.Lastly, some versions of the Podcasts app do not work correctly.Please make sure you have installed the latest available updates from Apple.So I just updated to i Tunes and when looking at specific Podcast list, there were elipses (...) next to the title, you click it, a dropdown menu would appear and you could select to manually refresh.Well, this option is now gone and it would seem like I will only be able to refresh if I'm subscribed to that Podcast (as those I am subscribed to refresh fine when selecting the "Refresh" button at the bottom of the page).

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