Updating a date field in msacess

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You cannot undo the results of an update query, and making a backup helps make sure that you can reverse your changes if you change your mind.When you need to update data from one table to another, consider the following rule: the data types for the source and destination fields must either match or be compatible.Date End = Date Part("m",[Date Start]) & "/1/" & (Date Part("yyyy",[Date Start]) 1); Use the same formula on your form on the BEFORE INSERT and BEFORE UPDATE events. mmcdonal quote: Originally posted by mmcdonal Hiya, For the Update Query (assuming a table name of Table1, and using Date Start as the first date field and Date End as the updated date field): UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.In Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a database which contains a date field called Transaction Date.You use update queries in Access databases to add, change, or delete the information in an existing record.You can think of update queries as a powerful form of the Find and Replace dialog box.

I am using one table with email ID as PK and it has the five additional fields I need to collect data for. this field gets the date/time of when it was added.... Hi, I spent all morning trying to find a way to select a datetime field from a table (I work with ASP) My SQL is "SELECT * FROM Mytbl WHERE my Date = #2.12.2003# " (I live in Croatia, so that's the setting for a time format I use in MSAccess, also, I use a Short Date format to put into table only a date, not time, the application will probably always work on local server - intranet) So, in my table there are several fields 2.12.2003.but when I try to SELECT them with above criteria it returns me an error.By selecting data first, you can verify that you’re updating the records you want before you actually change any data.Tip: Back up your database before you run an update query.

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