Updating cd drive

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I very much like the concept of not having to use the Firmware Update CD for several reasons.Since HP constantly updates firmware you would normally have to fumble around the HP site and re-download either the updated ISO or the individual update.Very good Optical DVD Burners are selling for less then . I have a Plextor that is considered the best optical drive ever made, and it appears it is in the final stages of permanent failure.My extreme heavy use of DVD Burners give me a very unique perspective PATA - Or Basic 133, 100 or 66mhz BASICIf the device is not on a standard PATA device (located on your motherboard) and/or you have the new 965 or 975 Intel chipsets then you must update the drivers for your motherboard or the ATA addon card. If you have a motherboard and you dont know if the devices are on a native PATA device, simply right-click the drive go to properties and then click on the Hardware tab.You should never plug an optical drive into these add-on devices without checking with the manufacturer for compatability. Simply go to the website, download the firmware update utility and the newest firmware. If you are unable to update the firmware then follow the bellow testing; but also test the ability to update the Firmware as part of your testing procedure. The drive was working fine, I made my repair discs.Another common cause of difficulties related to formatting a CD-RW can be resolved by simply updating the firmware or device drivers for the CD/DVD drive.

Note: Allot of add-on PATA cards made by companies like Promise, and JMicron are not compatable with optical drives.

Their life span under heavy use has been sadly very low.

I have used many drives with hundreds and thousands of disks, with many drive failures.

Windows re-installed an old driver from 2006, the one I uninstalled was from 2011.

I googled the driver looking for a newer one, and installed it. drive is W7 Ult 64 Bit the other 4 drives are used for media reading and writing to.

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